My Ex is Still in Love with myself. What is the Right Course Of Action?

Reader matter:

My ex still is in love me and I also’m dating their companion. About 4 or 5 months before, we dumped my boyfriend of seven several months. We just weren’t right anymore. Now a month and a half later, he confessed he has and always will love me personally.

Note: i am an adolescent, so this is different relationship than adults.

What is the correct action to take?

-Rebekah (Usa)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Dear Rebekah:

What’s the “right” move to make is actually an extremely various concern from exactly what “should” I do. This is simply not an etiquette concern. That is a question about your thoughts, the emotions of the ex-boyfriend additionally the emotions of their best friend.

You have quite a nest of emotions to consider here, darling. The very best i will perform is outline a few pre-determined questions so that you can give consideration to.

First, as he was actually the man seeking man Georgia you’re seeing, do you break-up since you two weren’t suitable or since you missed a chance to learn some dispute resolution abilities?

And is your ex lover truly deeply in love with at this point you, or maybe you’ve become more appealing as you are holding fingers along with his closest friend?

And what about the intentions of their buddy? Is actually he fighting together with pal or being a really attentive date?

I disagree with you about one thing. Dating for youths actually unique of internet dating for adults. Every connection we’ve impacts each alternate commitment we shall have. Our company is training ourselves getting good companion our resides.

Are you presently learning how to be sort, dedicated and sincere while being clear about getting your needs found? Or have you been bowing to pressures from dudes in tries to feel “liked.”

My tip: work out who you might be, what you would like and connect that clearly to both teenage boys. Its how you feel that matter here.

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